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See the world’s patents as a single data
store and use it your way!

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Data mine, text mine and perform semantic analysis on everything – not just small downloaded subsets. 
Full Text XML for over 96 million patent records in your data center – fully accessible as a relational database or a search index. 


Over 96 million patent records – in your data center. 
Each record is integrated to include legal status and IFI CLAIMS value added content, including standardized assignee names.
Each record is in a standard format.  No matter which patent office published the data – the CLAIMS Direct XML is in exactly the same format. 
Your CLAIMS Direct server is constantly updated to include new publications, legal status changes and classification changes. 
Access CLAIMS Direct XML through your relational PostgreSQL database, or search it through your SOLR search server. 
Pull unlimited amounts of data into your semantic or big data analysis tools. 


Fixed price – your license includes unlimited data, no throttling and no per user costs. 
Corporate Wide and Reseller licenses are available.
Save Time – CLAIMS Direct is ready for production out of the box.
Save Money – Don’t waste developer time writing and maintaining parsers.  Use your development resources to develop applications, add unique value to your product and serve your customers. 
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