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IFI CLAIMS® Products

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services provides industry leading value added Patent Databases, Patent Web Services, and Patent Analytics Solutions.

CLAIMS Patent Databases

  • Reliable, Comprehensive and Current Patent Information
  • Standardized Company Names
  • Standardized XML Format
IFI produces the CLAIMS family of online U.S. patent databases, providing reliable, comprehensive and current information on U.S. patents. The databases are noted for their broad coverage, in-depth indexing of chemical patents, and extensive standardization of company names. Much of the information in CLAIMS is not available from any other source. CLAIMS has more U.S. patent records than you can find elsewhere, and IFI's quality control, standardization and customer service give you patent information you can trust.

You can access the CLAIMS databases through these online hosts: Dialog, Questel, and STN. Visit the host web sites for database summaries and online access information.


  • High quality, curated and globally comprehensive patent data
  • Developer Friendly APIs
  • Minimum of licensing restrictions
CLAIMS DIRECT is web service that provides software developers with powerful and scalable APIs for patent search and download. It is ideal for Indepedent Software Vendors (ISV) who wish to incorporate patent information into their products. It is also ideal for researchers who wish to access a reliable and globally comprehensive patent database.

KMX Patent Analytics Solution

  • Automated Clustering based on Statistical Analysis of Text
  • Analyst Controlled Categorization
  • Visualization for Clustering and Categorization Results
KMX is a comprehensive patent analysis solution that provides clustering, categorization and visualization of large patent data sets. KMX uses the CLAIMS DIRECT web service to enable analysts to search, extract and download large patent data sets.

KMX computes a statistical profile for each document and clusters documents based on these profiles. Analysts can guide KMX to classify documents, and can apply the classification rules to new data sets.

KMX provides powerful analysis capability as a stand-alone tool, but can also support your existing tools and methods by automating the screening and classification process.