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KMX for IP Risk Assessment

Title KMX for IP Risk Assessment
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Help your clients identify IP Risk using KMX.

As an IP analyst, your corporate clients come to you to assess IP risk to their business.  Your VC, Private Equity, and investment clients come to you to assess IP risk to the companies they have invested in, or that they are considering investing in.  With KMX from IFI CLAIMS and Treparel, you can:

KMX Identifies Concentrations of IP to Identify IP Risk
  • Efficiently identify concentrations of IP in the technology landscape.
  • Identify IP owners who control key technology areas.
  • Narrow down the number of patents you need to analyze in depth using classification.
  • Communicate with your clients using intuitive visualizations.

Join IFI Claims Solutions Consultant Larry Cady as he demonstrates KMX on a hotly contested technology area.