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IFI CLAIMS® Patent Databases

IFI CLAIMS has been processing, interpreting and indexing patent data since 1955. In that time, we have developed processes and data management skills that allow us to keep up with the constantly changing patent data landscape produced by the world's patent offices.

The result is the CLAIMS Global Patent Database available through the CLAIMS DIRECT Web Service - the most comprehensive and highest quality patent database available.

We also provide specialized value-added and custom data.

CLAIMS Global Patent Database

IFI's comprehensive international patent collection. This state of the art database is normalized and curated to provide unprecedented consistency and quality. Key features include:
  • Extended WIPO ST-36 based XML formatting across all issuing authorities
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Full Text
  • Classifications: IPC/IPCR/ ECLA, ICO and national classifications
  • Legal Status
  • Patent Families
  • Patent Citations
The IFI CLAIMS Global Patent Database is delivered through the CLAIMS DIRECT Web Service. With the consistently formatted data and developer friendly API, you will be able to quickly implement your patent-dependent projects and launch you solutions with the highest quality, most comprehensive data available.

IFI Patent Intelligence and Technology Report (PITR)

PITR provides instant access to patent trend analysis. PITR uses IFI's unique standardized and probable assignee names data to build comprehensive trend reports for the last 10 years. Data is available for more than 3000 top international patent filers.

CLAIMS Classic Databases

CLAIMS Classic is the database most trusted by professional patent searchers. It represents the most reliable, value-added databases of U.S. patents in the world. IFI improves your patent searches with proprietary:
  • Company name standardization for assignees, plus Probable Assignees for applications
  • Expiration and legal status data
  • Chemical patent indexing (annotation) and title enhancements
Chemical patent indexing is a high value component of IFI’s information products and services. Since 1955, IFI chemists have been interpreting and indexing (annotating) chemical structures, polymers, reactions, and concepts in technology areas including:

  • polymers
  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotech
  • agrochemicals
  • green chemistry - electrochemistry
  • catalysts
  • inorganics (metal alloys, ceramics)

Claims Classic is available on Dialog, Questel, and STN.

CLAIMS Custom Databases

IFI's Patent Data Warehouse architecture and standardized XML-based database gives us unprecedented flexibility in extracting and delivering custom data sets. We can delivery our our standardized XML formatted data, legal status, standardized assignee and chemical indexes. If you have requirements for custom patent data, we can meet your specification in terms of data and format.

Our custom solutions will delivery high quality data in your desired format. In almost all cases, we can get data to you faster and cheaper than is possibly by you acquiring the data and writing your own parsers and ETL software.

Contact us, give us your specification, and see how quickly and affordably we can respond!