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CLAIMS® DIRECT: The Global Patent Database and Web Service for Application Developers

CLAIMS Direct from IFI CLAIMS delivers a database of over 90 million
patent records directly to your application.

Features Include:

Developer Friendly RESTful Web Service API.
Business Friendly licensing terms for resellers and organizations.
Powered by the IFI CLAIMS Global Patent Database
Includes integrated Legal Status, Patent Assignments,
   IFI Standardized Assignee Names, and IFI Current Assignees.
   In other words, IFI value added data on the current patent owner.


Host on Amazon AWS, at IFI or in your own Datacenter

CLAIMS Direct provides you with a complete global patent database in your data center.
You can also host on Amazon AWS or let IFI host CLAIMS Direct for you.   With CLAIMS
Direct onsite, you can access your own global patent database through SQL or SOLR
search syntax. You can quickly build applications, or export the data into you big data
analytics application.  

Please Contact Us for more information.  Be sure to ask about our 30 Day Free Trial!

CLAIMS Direct can be deployed in your data center giving you SQL (postreSQL) and SOLR search interfaces to the data.  

CLAIMS Direct Onsite: A complete global patent database is available inside your datacenter.  
Access standardized XML through SQL or SOLR search syntax.