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Quick introduction to KMX Patent Analytics solution
KMX on CLAIMS DIRECT is a text analytics, visualization and classification solution brought to you by a collaboration between IFI CLAIMS Patent Services and Treparel information Solutions.

KMX is a complete, extensible text mining platform tightly integrated with a comprehensive, global patent databases. The standard solution provides:
  • Powerful, Lucene-based full text search
  • Intuitive UI and search workflow
  • Managed relevancy ranking
  • Innovative visualization
  • Personalized data classifiers

This affordable solution is easy to install. You can quickly take advantage of a modern text-mining tool to review large result sets far more efficiently than traditional search systems.

In addition to text landscape visualizations, KMX provides a powerful document classifier. A KMX Binary Classifier can help you disambiguate documents. When a simple keyword search produces a result containing many documents you do not want, the KMX Binary Classifier can filter out the noise and help you focus on the relevant documents.
KMX Free Classifier

A KMX Free Classifier allows you to define your own classification system and apply it to large document sets. The classifier can be saved and applied to other collections. You can organize your own portfolio, organize a competitor’s portfolio based on your internal classification system, or classify a broad technology landscape.

KMX uses a statistical approach to text analysis and does not require any a priori knowledge such as thesauri, taxonomies, or ontologies. Much like Pandora for music, KMX makes it easy for you to validate and optimize your classifiers and relevancy ranking.

Using KMX you can:

  • cover more data by leveraging personalized relevancy ranking
    KMX ROC plot provides feedback
  • improve your precision and recall
  • save time by reducing the number of results you need to read
  • save and reuse classifiers on new result sets including non-patent literature

KMX is a productivity tool. You will save time and money. You don't need to learn an esoteric technology, and you don't need expensive consultants or time-consuming training to take advantage of the software.

One KMX user tell us:

"By classifying the patents [we are] better able to anlayse the patent landscape of technologies and companies. …we are now able to work faster, more efficiently, but foremost, we can tackle complex jobs that were impossible to do by humans before."

KMX is tightly integrated with CLAIMS DIRECT, IFI's patent data web service.

KMX on CLAIMS DIRECT is licensed on an annual subscription model. For more details about pricing models and other related services please Contact Us.