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IFI Solutions

IFI provides curated, consistently formatted and comprehensive patent information. Our partnerships, CLAIMS DIRECT web service, and KMX Analytics solution make our patent information highly accessible and useful.

Patent Databases and Reports

IFI's Databases and Patent Information and Technology Reporting (PITR) system provide accurate and timely information to information professionals and attorneys. Our unique standardized company names and probably assignee data make it easy to accurately find company-specific patent information.

A Web Service for Developers and Researchers

IFI's CLAIMS DIRECT web service offers a developer-friendly may to access our comprehensive and consistent patent database. CLAIMS DIRECT is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to incorporate patent information into a new commercial product, a new proprietary analysis system, or to use in a research project.

KMX - Patent Analysis for any Industry

The KMX Patent Analysis system allows analysts to map the landscape for any industry, cluster patents based on statistical summaries of their content, and to create custom patent categories that can be applied to competitor portfolios, or newly issued patents.

Explore how IFI CLAIMS® can help you access and use patent information: