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Banner: The Global Patent API from IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

Patent Solutions for ISVs

CLAIMS DIRECT is the ideal patent information source for your products. The data is comprehensive and consistently formatted. The APIs are developer-friendly and provide extensive search options. The Amazon EC2 hosted service is reliable and scalable.

While patent data is available from the issuing authorities, each authority requires a contract and delivers data in a unique format. With CLAIMS DIRECT, you only have one license, one fee, and one data format to deal with. You do not need to write and maintain parsers or maintain a large data processing operation. We do the parsing and data loading for you. You can launch your product sooner and with lower overall development costs.

Unlike traditional commercial information providers, IFI actively seeks developers and supports them as they incorporate patents into their applications. We do not see you or your products as competitive. We see you as partners.

Our licensing terms provide you with the maximum possible flexibility to use and resell the data.

Please Contact Us to learn how we can accelerate and streamline your product development effort.