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Patent Solutions for Law Firms

IFI CLAIMS® Patent Databases power many of the information solutions that Patent Attorneys use every day. KMX provides attorneys with the ability to identify and reduce IP risk for their clients. We are actively working with our resellers and development partners to make patent information more available and more useful.

KMX - Patent Analytics

Your clients demand more than traditional patent filing and litigation support.
  • New and fast growing corporate clients need an IP strategy that minimizes the risk litigation.
  • Large established clients need to protect their market position and extract value from their patent portfolios.
  • Large investors, venture capitalists and private equity firms need you to assess the IP risk involved in a potential investment as part of their due diligence process.

KMX is an easy to use tool that can quickly summarize large and complex collections of patents. KMX landscape visualizations help you communicate risks and opportunities with your clients. KMX classifiers allow you to organize large collections using terminology that you and your client understand. KMX classifiers allow you to filter out the documents you don’t care about and focus in on the documents that pose the greatest risk – or offer the greatest opportunity.

PITR - Patent Intelligence and Technology Report

If you are an attorney interested in providing patent trend analysis to your clients, please see IFI's Patent Intelligence and Technology Report (PITR) offering. PITR uses IFI's unique standardized and probable assignee names data to build comprehensive trend reports for the last 10 years. Data is available for the top 7000 US assignees.

CLAIMS DIRECT - A Web Service for Searching and Downloading Patent Documents

If your firm is interested extending your internal systems to support comprehensive patent search and document downloading, with comprehensive legal status, then please see our CLAIMS DIRECT web service. CLAIMS DIRECT is a developer friendly web service that supports search and download across our comprehensive patent collection. Rather than building your own collection, let us deal with the patent offices, build the parsers, and run the data production operation for you.

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