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Data Governance API

The IFI content platform efficiently delivers a reliable stream of curated data to your enterprise dramatically reducing the time your data scientists, information professionals, and developers spend cleaning dirty data.
Our API provides immediate access. Our onsite servers provide tight integration with any enterprise architecture.

Millions of eyes scrutinize our data

CLAIMS Direct provides a crowd-sourcing platform that transforms feedback into a shared asset.

Data flow in CLAIMS Direct

Expedite access to curated content

Using our web services deliver a comprehensive data tier that data scientists and developers can easily connect into any application stack, machine learning environment, or analytics platform. Create and test a proof of concept on us.

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  • Structured text search
  • Validate internal data and link to public records
  • Find family members and citations
  • Check current status, expiry, and ownership
  • Export select data into convenient csv

IFI Snapshots

Snapshots capture critical metrics related to publications such as whether a patent is granted or expired so you can avoid sifting through complex data relationships and national regulations.

  • Patent Status and Expiry Date
  • IFI Original Owner
  • IFI Current Owner
  • Claims Summary

IFI Names

Easy to navigate corporate ownership for both the IFI Original Owner, the Current Owner, and the Ultimate Owner.

Ultimate Owners make it easy to capture all patent assets held by a company including all subsidiaries.

Corporate portfolio analysis has never been easier.

Custom Data Services

Acquiring new content and linking data sets together takes time and consumes valuable resources. IFI delivers agile integration capabilities that help you develop the data maturity standards you need.

  • Link with internal resources
  • Integrate 3rd party data
  • Enrich and transform data into a corporate asset
  • Populate your data lake with content you can trust