CLAIMS® Reporting

Comprehensive intellectual properties holdings reports gives you detailed insight into the IP position of the world's most innovative companies.  IFI CLAIMS Reporting Service provides you with insightful summaries and a complete spreadsheet of patent information you can use in your own analysis.  Company holdings are based on IFI CLAIMS' proprietary standardized and probable assignee database - the same database used to produce IFI's highly referenced US Patent Rankings.

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What makes IFI Reports different?

IFI CLAIMS Rankings and Comprehensive Patent Holdings Reports are based on IFI's standardized and probable assignee database.  IFI CLAIMS tracks the top 5,000 patent filing companies using our proprietary name standardization process. IFI CLAIMS has been standardizing company names for over 20 years.  Our trusted and widely used company holdings database reflects careful standardization, normalization, reassignments and legal status changes.  IFI compiles standardized assignee names for granted US patents, and probable assignees for pre-grant published applications.

Key Features Include:

Convenient Summary Report:  The summary report contains tables and graphs that can be copied and pasted into your own reports and presentations. 

Complete Holdings Spreadsheet: The complete spreadsheet contains every US patent and published application owned by the subject company.  In addition, IFI CLAIMS provides pivot table reports and formulas you can use in your own analysis.  Create and apply your own formulas and filters to rank and sort the data your way.  

We do the Work for You:  Tell us what company you are interested in and we deliver the report to you.  You don’t need to create and execute any search queries or work through any complicated download procedures.  We compile the data using our comprehensive standardized name databases, prepare the report and delivery it directly to your e-mail inbox.

More than a Simple Assignee Search:  Our reports are based on IFI standardized and probable assignee database - not just on published assignee name.  You get an accurate picture of the company's IP holdings including acquisitions and legal status changes.