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Add global patent data to your application or data analysis
IFI CLAIMS provides CLAIMS Direct, a global patent database and web service for application developers, data scientists, and product managers. Our patent data is used in a variety of industries including investment services, life science companies, and intellectual property.

CLAIMS Direct features patent data which has gone through an extensive clean up and normalization process, allowing your team to focus on other priorities. The database is continually updated to bring you the most current information, and our collection is constantly expanding. On average, 200,000 new records and 8-10 million records updates are added every month.

Features Include:
  • More than 100 sources of patent data in one integrated format, allowing your company to focus on its core business
  • Save time by taking advantage of our name standardization, machine translation, expiration date calculations, patent status, and claim summary fields
  • Fast application development or direct download of patent data into your existing application
  • Use our hosted services, deploy on the cloud, or install directly into your data warehouse
  • Flexible and friendly licensing terms for resellers

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