Patent data accuracy is critical for drawing the right conclusions

The old saying "Garbage In, Garbage Out" still holds true. Whether you're launching a SAAS product, performing analysis, or developing an artificial intelligence tool, working with the best data is a must. At IFI, we aren't just patent experts, we're data architects speciailzing in global patent data. Our proprietary data architecture produces a single view of the patent that is complete, current, and accurate.

The CLAIMS Direct Platform 

Our unique data architecture results in high quality patent information. Data from 100+ sources is validated before it goes live.

Patent Data Enrichments

Save time by using data that's already clean. We standardize company names, provide English machine translations, calculate expiration dates, and indicate whether patents are still in force.

Country sign - industries and roles

Data Collection

Get access to more than 120 million patent records which are updated daily.

CLAIMS Direct Uses

Our product is used for a wide range of purposes, from managing patent annuities to powering cheminformatics platforms.

Open door deployment

Easy Set Up

Whether you use IFI hosting or add CLAIMS Direct to your data center, we will work closely with your team to make the project a success.

Experienced Team

Our team has deep experience curating international patent content and the technical expertise to bring it to life.

One Minute Video

A quick overview of CLAIMS Direct use cases and features.