Who We Serve

CLAIMS Direct empowers technology professionals and analysts in many industries.

From drug development to investment banking, using a high-quality patent database can lead to new discoveries. Eighty percent of the information found in patents isn't available from any other source1. And if it is published elsewhere, there is typically a lag of several months.

1 Eighth Technology Assessment and Forecast Report of the USPTO.

The CLAIMS Direct platform was designed to handle many types of data and can also be used with other internal or external information sources. Add that to curated patent content delivered as a single consistent XML feed, and you can focus on other priorities instead of managing and cleaning data.

Use CLAIMS Direct with complete privacy in your own data center. We can also deploy your system on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or in our data center. Learn more about set up options.

Uses by Industry

Life Sciences

Get the most out of your Chemical and Biotech data processing system with clean, consistent and accurately tagged patent data.

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Financial Services

Use patent data to reveal company R&D investments, future prospects, and new advancements in industry technology.

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Patent and IP Services

Validate client portfolios with accurate global patent data. Save time by embedding patent search into your proprietary workflow. Legal status indicators tell you what patents are active.

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Uses by Professional Role

Data Scientists

Improve your analysis with the addition of high-quality patent information to your dataset. Keep track of competitors, identify new opportunities, and monitor trends within your industry. Our clean and consistent data is perfect for machine learning and text mining.

Product Developers

Increase value for your customers with new product features and functionality. Integrate patent search, display, reporting, and visualization into your product with no data development risk. Our licensing structure is perfect for resellers with no per-seat, per-record, or bandwidth limitations.

IT Developers

Feel confident with a product designed for developers. CLAIMS Direct is a ready-to-use data platform that's scalable to work for any sized business. Each record conforms to the same DTD (extended ST.36) and contains all data relevant to the record.