Who We Serve

CLAIMS Direct empowers technology professionals and analysts in many industries. From drug development to investment banking, using a high-quality patent database can lead to new discoveries. Eighty percent of the information found in patents isn't available from any other source1. And if it is published elsewhere, there is typically a lag of several months.

1 Eighth Technology Assessment and Forecast Report of the USPTO.


Get the most out of your Chemical and Biotech data processing system with clean, consistent and accurately tagged patent data.

Legal Services

Analyze critical patent data related to your cases without manual data governance with our platform.

Financial Services

Use patent data to reveal company R&D investments, future prospects, and new advancements in industry technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Patents are utilized to develop, enrich, and enhance your AI. Easily test your algorithms to showcase your product to potential clients by integrating CLAIMS Direct.

Patent Providers

Validate client portfolios with accurate global patent data. Save time by embedding patent search into your proprietary workflow. Legal status indicators tell you what patents are active.


Our platform updates automatically, meaning you and your client always have accurate information.