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While patents have always been important in the biopharma legal department, the information stored in patent documents is finding new applications in the research and development department.

The quality checked, consistently formatted data available on the CLAIMS Direct platform is the perfect input to produce meaningful results.

Life sciences organizations and service providers use our patent database to:

  • Support innovative applications which incorporate technologies such as artificial intelligence and text mining to shorten the drug development lifecycle. According to Drug Discovery Today, “Given that text mining is able to automatically extract biomedical facts that revolve around entities such as genes, proteins, and drugs, from unstructured text sources, it is seen as a major enabler to foster biomedical research and drug discovery.”1
  • Reduce financial risk by including the most accurate information in patent landscape reports. Companies developing new drugs need to know early on if their candidate may infringe on an existing patent. As the European Patent Office states, nearly a third of all research and development expenses go towards redeveloping innovations that have already been discovered.2
  • Discover new information on topics that may not be available in any other form. A recent study by patent landscaping firm Patinformatics found that 95% of patented chemical structures weren’t mentioned in any form of non-patent literature. Additionally, in-depth scientific research results can be found in patents, which saves on the expense and time involved with running a duplicate study.
  • Learn about new scientific developments faster. Adding patent information to life sciences datasets provides the most timely updates available, as new developments are usually published in patents first, then presented at conferences or in journals later.

1. Rodriguez-Esteban, Raul, and Bundschus, Markus (2016) Text mining patents for biomedical knowledge, Drug Discovery Today, Band 21, Ausgabe 6, Juni 2016, Seiten 997 - 1002.
2. Europäische Kommission (GD Forschung) und Europäisches Patentamt, 2007, Warum sich Forscher um Patente kümmern sollten [Brochure]

Reduce drug development risks by leveraging patent information

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