Financial & Investment Services

In today's highly competitive investing ecosystem, every advantage counts. Patent data provides new valuable insights into the activities of companies as well as macroeconomic trends.

CLAIMS Direct is the best choice for quickly integrating global patent information that has gone through extensive clean up and quality control processes.

By using CLAIMS Direct, investment managers can:

  • Identify new investment opportunities by discovering rapidly growing companies and emerging technologies around the world
  • Receive early information when large IP transactions have taken place
  • Improve the accuracy of valuation models with a deeper knowledge of a company's intangible assets
  • Generate unique research reports for in-house or external advisors and analysts
  • Develop a greater understanding of the forces affecting industries, regions, and nations where IP is being developed

In an industry where many sources of data are already being used to inform decisions, adding patent data to existing algorithms provides additional confidence.

Find opportunities sooner by leveraging patent data

Data flow for finance use cases

It's easy to get started using patent information with the CLAIMS Direct API, designed with IT department needs and developers in mind. Our platform can be tailored to meet the intense security and regulatory requirements of the financial industry through on-site or cloud-based deployment options.

IFI provides guidance on how to use patents and analysis methods, ensuring that firms with little or no patent data experience can become productive quickly. Our customer service department is committed to providing quick and thorough answers when issues arise.