Patent Data Enrichments

Save time on data clean up and analysis with specialized fields

Through many years of experience working with our partners, we understand the challenges of working with patent data.

Data Enrichments

CLAIMS Direct includes value-added fields calculated by IFI which provide:

Our data team works diligently to monitor and correct errors and discrepancies in the millions of new records integrated into our database every month. We also have relationships with many patent authorities and work with them to resolve issues that originate from their records.

Name Standardization

One of our most useful enrichments is name standardization—we currently manage more than 1.5 million variations of company names. For example, we currently track more than 2,000 variations of the company name “IBM” and monitor incoming data for new ones.

Name Standardization
In the example above, the company name Research in Motion Limited is standardized to Blackberry Ltd

Our Names service can also help you find patents whose owners have changed due to mergers and acquisitions. For example, when Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot merged, they created a new company named Stellantis. A standard search for patents owned by Stellantis would not bring up any results. However, they can be found using the IFI Names service, which correctly identifies Stellantis as the Ultimate Owner.

Maintain Your Privacy

You can install CLAIMS Direct in your own data center to ensure complete privacy, while still receiving new data and updates. Learn more about deployment options.

Flexible Licensing

We offer several different subscription models to suit your needs. None of these models impose volume limits, transactional charges, or metering assessments.