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2017 Patent Rankings—Hot Off the Press

The Top 50 and related rankings from IFI provide insights into the competitive landscape of the most innovative companies and R&D organizations. IFI makes it easy to integrate curated patent data into your analytics and applications
A record number of 320,003 patents were granted by the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) in 2017—a 5.2 percent increase from 2016. IBM received the most utility patents for the 25th year in a row with an astounding total of 9,045. This figure represents a 12% increase over their 8,088 total in 2016 and is triple the amount of patents they received 10 years ago. The computing, telecommunications, and medical industries are continuing to receive a high volume of patents. New technologies showing rapid growth include e-cigarettes, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles.