IFI CLAIMS Custom Indexing

With the exponential growth in information and literature, both proprietary and external, many companies are finding it difficult to effectively index their crucial information.

IFI's Custom Indexing Service allows companies to cost-effectively manage the document indexing and integration process and facilitate ongoing document retrieval and analysis. We can help you with the document management process by providing services that include:
  • Indexing all documents of interest using your own internal indexing system and your indexing terms. The indexed documents may consist of internal documents such as research reports, memos, white papers, lab notebooks, patents and published applications (both national and international), and any other documents you wish to include in the collection.
  • Indexing your documents using IFI's chemical indexing system with our highly regarded thesaurus, compound registry, and polymer indexing system. If you need to focus on a particular aspect of technology, our indexing specialists can work with you to develop a customized vocabulary based on the IFI thesaurus or compound registry.
Known worldwide for superior chemical indexing methods over the last 50 years, IFI's experienced indexers can provide indexing services in most technology areas, as well as provide the tools you need to create a custom indexing system to fit your company's specific needs.

We would be delighted to talk with you to discuss ways that IFI can help with your document indexing needs.