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One minute video

One Minute Video

Watch a quick overview of how we process raw patent data into standardized XML with data enrichments.

Data Architecture
Ensures Quality

The CLAIMS Direct platform checks incoming data before it goes live.

Patent Data Uses

From docketing to drug discovery, leveraging high quality patent data leads to new insights in many industries.

Recent Posts

New Full-Text Countries and Google Translate Are Live

IFI has added 14 new patent authorities to our database and is using Google Translate for new non-English records.

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Sharing Tech Won’t Vindicate UTC/Raytheon Megamerger—
An analysis of both companies’ patent portfolios confirms that they have little in common
 (Wall Street Journal)

Our data was used in this story from the Wall Street Journal to examine the technologies of UTC and Raytheon in light of the pending merger.

MIT Chief Data Officer Symposium—Challenges and Opportunities Abound

IFI attended this sold out event and learned how diverse issues such as data security and artificial intelligence are effecting this role.

Keep Track of Semiconductor Patent Leaders with IFI’s Interactive Ranking Tool

See who's making big gains in semconductors for the first half of 2019, and how to create similar views with our free tool.

Using Patents as an Alternative Data Source for Investing

Linking patent data to financial and other data sources provides analysts with unique metrics for decision making.

Industries We Serve

Intellectual Property

Improve management of IP information with the most reliable patent data available.

Life Sciences

Reduce the risks of drug development by adding patent data to your cheminformatics platform.

Investment Services

Find investment opportunities with an enhanced picture of intangible assets.