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Recent Stories

Enlyton Information Research via a “Discovery Engine”

IFI partner Enlyton built a semantic patent discovery tool based on our high quality data.  

Patent Grant Prediction with 99 Percent Success Rate

Our partner Quant IP used IFI patent data to create a useful machine learning tool. 

Advanced Patent Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence and a Single-Source Database

Dennemeyer Octimine uses IFI patent data to power their AI-based patent monitoring system.

Speed and Accuracy Deliver a Competitive Advantage in IP

Being the first to acquire new patent information leads to strategic benefits. 

AI Can’t be Named as an Inventor—Yet

Patent organizations rule that inventors must be a natural person, but things could change.

Effective Data Governance Opens the Door to Insight
Data quality is still a challenge for many organizations, but it's also a necessity for adopting artificial intelligence. 

Our Customers Say

Before working with IFI CLAIMS, the Octimine development team had to gather the data from many different sources. Read blog.

The IFI CLAIMS patent database is an excellent place to search because it provides patent data which has been centralized, integrated, and normalized. Read blog.

Using CLAIMS Direct, europatent exponentially grew their amount of patent records. Read blog.

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