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From docketing to drug discovery, leveraging high quality patent data leads to new insights in many industries.

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Digital Twin Technology: Patent Analysis from IALE

The term digital twin refers to a digital replica of a physical object. Learn who the leaders in this field are and what the future holds.

High Quality Patent Data Is More Important Than Ever for IP Analysis

According to IBM, poor data quality costs the US economy $3.1 trillion a year. This figure includes lost opportunity costs and bad decisions based on faulty data. In IP (intellectual property), the direct costs of bad information can include multimillion dollar lawsuits.

Investment Management Firms Are Embracing Alternative Data–Patents Can Play a Role

Alternative data is defined in the context of investing as nontraditional data sets that support investment decisions. The lure of achieving alpha, returns that outperform a market index or benchmark, is driving interest in new types of alternative data.

New Data and Improved Translations

Learn about new Orange book and Australian pharmaceutical information, plus English translations to EP and WO records that were filed in languages other than English.

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Improve management of IP information with the most reliable patent data available.

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Reduce the risks of drug development by adding patent data to your cheminformatics platform.

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Find investment opportunities with an enhanced picture of intangible assets.