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Professional Intuition + AI = Better, Faster Patent Searches

Patents have long had a searchability problem. Amplified AI is working to make patent search less complicated.

Do patent applications of electric vehicle startups predict the future of EV M&A activity?

In light of EV market activity and ever growing investment, IFI came up with a list of startups that could be in the crosshairs for mergers and acquisitions.

Overpromised and Saturated?! -  Positioning AI in IP

Overpromised and Saturated?! -  Positioning AI in IP In this day and age, is it possible to go to an Intellectual Property (IP) conference or trade show and…

Numerous chemical name searches turned into one, all in the same software solution

Streamline chemical research with PADRYT’s newest addition to their platform Finding relevant patent documents is always a challenge, especially when it…

From Patents to Alpha

How to use patent data for stock selection and build an outperforming investment strategy Patents rarely make it into the news but as we all know the coronavirus…

Advanced Patent Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence and a Single-Source Database

Dennemeyer Octimine uses IFI patent data to power their AI-based patent monitoring system.

Speed and Accuracy Deliver a Competitive Advantage in IP

Being the first to acquire new patent information leads to strategic benefits.

Patent Grant Prediction with 99 Percent Success Rate

Our partner Quant IP used IFI patent data to create a useful machine learning tool.

AI Can’t be Named as an Inventor—Yet

Patent organizations rule that inventors must be a natural person, but things could change.

Patents and the Open COVID Pledge

Earlier this year, we announced the creation of the Open COVID Pledge. The aim of the group is to remove intellectual property (IP) barriers which could interfere…

Effective Data Governance Opens the Door to Insight

Data quality is still a challenge for many organizations, but it's also a necessity for adopting artificial intelligence.

Working on a Patent That Will Help with the Coronavirus Crisis?

For small biz, there’s a new fast lane The speed of the coronavirus outbreak has prompted a surge of rapid response research and development in the quest to…

IP Offices Enact Measures to Stay Operational During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many organizations and governments around the world have taken steps to ensure business continuity and address hardships felt by their customers and patrons.

IFI Adds New Data to Chinese Patent Records

Now more than ever, it’s essential to have the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive Chinese data for research and analysis. IFI’s switch to a new supplier…