About IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services was incorporated in 1955 under the name Information for Industry, Inc. (IFI). At that time, IFI produced the first in-depth U.S. chemical patent index, the Uniterm Index, averaging 20 to 25 keyword terms per U.S. patent. The Uniterm Index was initially offered in a printed, dual dictionary format. In 1967, IFI began to deliver the Uniterm index in electronic form, complete with proprietary search software for use within corporate information departments.

In 1971, IFI was acquired by Plenum Publishing Corporation and became IFI/Plenum Data Corporation. The IFI index was merged with another chemical indexing system developed by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company. This combined indexing technology includes patent title enhancement, a specialized polymer retrieval system, and chemical substructure fragmentation coding for Markush structures found in patents. The resulting IFI CLAIMS database provides you with a powerful patent searching tool to optimize the retrieval and analysis of chemical patent information. 

During the late 1970’s, IFI’s U.S. patent databases entered the world of interactive online searching, when they became the first patent databases offered by Lockheed’s Dialog Information Services. IFI continued to expand the depth and breadth of their U.S. patent content to include all patented technologies, patent citations, legal status changes, reassignments, and published applications. Distribution channels also extended to include STN International and Questel.

In 1998 Wolters Kluwer acquired IFI as part of a larger acquisition from Plenum Publishing Corp. IFI was originally operated by Kluwer Academic Publishing and then transferred in 1999 to Aspen Publishers, a business unit within the Tax, Accounting and Legal Division of Wolters Kluwer.

In 2003, IFI was transferred from Aspen Publishers to the Pharma Solutions business unit of the Wolters Kluwer Health Division.

Fairview Research, a provider of data enrichment technology and services for technical information retrieval and analysis, acquired the IFI business from Wolters Kluwer in September, 2010. In addition to Fairview’s advanced indexing and standardization processes, the company maintains a comprehensive, global patent collection to complement IFI’s extensive dataset of enhanced U.S. patent information.

The phrase, ‘reliable data’, is used consistently by IFI’s customers when describing IFI’s databases, thanks to added-value enhancements like our chemical and biological indexing, our renowned US patent assignee name standardization, ‘probable’ assignee name additions on US published application records, calculated expiration dates, and class code updates on all patent records. To augment our patent and published application collection, IFI also offers comprehensive US patent legal status information, including ownership changes. IFI’s CLAIMS databases are hosted and available through Dialog, STN and Questel database services.