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Welcome to the Documentation Portal for CLAIMS Direct

CLAIMS Direct 2.1 is the most current production release of our servers and services. Here you will find information about our data coverage, how to install and use our services, and more. Please send your questions, comments, and suggestions to

What's New?

 Five Countries Added

Five new countries have been added to our full text coverage

IP Profiles

Get succinct summaries of the intellectual property assets held by corporate entities

Unitary Patents

Read about how CLAIMS Direct is dealing with Unitary Patent data in our new blog

Quick Links

Video Introductions

Instructional videos

System Administrator's Guide

Guide to on-site installation, content updates, and installed tools


Developer's Guide

Guide to CLAIMS Direct Web Services (CDWS)

XML Content Description

List of XML attributes with content description

Solr Searching Guide

Information about how to conduct searches within CDWI    


Solr Search Fields

List of searchable fields and field names

Technical Blogs

Dig deeper into CLAIMS Direct

Content Updates

Data update schedule

CDWI User's Guide

User's guide to the CLAIMS Direct Web Interface    

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