AWS Installation

We provide the option of installing our product through the cloud computing service AWS (Amazon Web Services). Please review the requirements on the Component Configuration and Requirements page before selecting your preferred instance.

If you are installing CD in AWS, you have the following options, in order of preference:

  1. Data download
  2. USB (Basic only due to size)
  3. AWS Snowball (Premium or Premium Plus)

Step-by-step instructions for USB import: 

  1. We will give you the information needed to create the import job (device serial number, return address, contact information, etc.). Please contact if you have not already received this information.
  2. Create the job using your own account and forward the job information to us at, including packing instructions and a shipping label. 
  3. We will load the data onto a USB, label it, and send it to Amazon. During this time, we would suggest creating your instance. We recommend EC2. RDS is not recommended because it is managed so you will not have access to the operating system and hence won't be able to install the patched libxml2.
  4. Amazon will inform you when the USB has arrived and when the data has been extracted onto an EBS volume. This volume will appear under your account. 
  5. Mount the volume onto your newly created instance.
  6. Follow the PostgreSQL Installation Instructions.