Citation Sources

The citation source code indicates the source of forward and backward citations. Values include the following:

CH2Revealed during PCT Chapter 2 (preliminary examination)
SUPOriginates from the Supplementary Search Report
ISROriginates from the International Search Report
APPCited by the applicant
SEAOriginates from the Search Report
115Article 115 (observation by third parties)
EXARevealed during the examination phase (citing document is kind code "A")
OPPRevealed during the opposition phase (only for B2 publications)
PRSOrigin pre-grant/pre-search (beginning week 13 of 2012 for US-A1 pre-grants)
APLFiled for appeal by applicant/proprietor/patentee
FOPFiled for opposition by any third party
TPOThird party observation
UNKNOWNUnknown source