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This page contains notifications of upcoming content changes.

For more information about past changes, please see the Release Notes.

Past notifications of required replacements received from our data sources can be found here.

October 2020: Expanding full text coverage

In the past few weeks, we have added seven countries to the CLAIMS Direct full text collection including:

  • IE (Ireland)
  • IL (Israel)
  • MX (Mexico)
  • NZ (New Zealand)
  • PL (Poland)
  • SE (Sweden)
  • TH (Thailand)

We are still processing English translations for those countries and working with our data providers to solve some known issues, which we expect to resolve very soon.

July 2020: Google translations and new Chinese data load completed

In July, we completed two major projects which have greatly improved the quality and accuracy of our data. English translations from Google Translate are now available for full text records as described in our data coverage table. Chinese data from our new and improved source is also now available for records dating back to 1985. For more information about the improvements resulting from these new data sources, see Translations and Chinese Data Improvements.

March 2020: IFI’s new translations provide nearly 100% coverage for the past 10 years

We have completed loading translations from our new sources back to publication year 2010. This has increased the percentage of full text records from the past ten years which contain English translations to nearly 100%. Out of 44,457,285 records filed between 2010 and 2019 containing claims in any language, the number of records which do not currently have claims in English is only 38, bringing IFI’s coverage to 99.999915%.

March 2020: Indian PDF Coverage

In the past few weeks, we have processed PDF files associated with IN records published since 2018.

February 2020: Availability of Google translations and improved Chinese data

We are currently in the process of adding English translations from Google Translate to our entire full text backfile with the exception of China, which is receiving improved English translations from a separate source. This may cause query results to differ over time as old translations are replaced.

The replacement involves an aggressive load schedule but will result in higher-quality text and faster availability of translations. For more information about the improvements the new translations will bring, see Translations.

The new translations are already present in our frontfile and are being added to the backfile one year at a time, working backward from the present. For specific progress, check the Translation Reload Status or contact

In addition to the full text fields, the new Chinese data source also affects names, keywords, legal status, and other fields, leading to greater accuracy in searches directed to a number of different fields. For more information, see Chinese Data Improvements.

January 2020: IFI is changing the rules for applicant/assignee name harmonization

In June 2019, IFI began implementing a new rule in which the ifi-standardized-name does not change when the patentee organization changes its name. New names will now be available as ifi-standardized-name-current in the ifi-integrated-content container.

For example: In 2017, Horsehead Corporation officially changed its name to American Zinc Recycling Corp.
EP-1799929-A2 has Horsehead Corp. as the applicant delivered by the EPO. For this document in CLAIMS Direct we find:


Old Rules

New Rules


American Zinc Recycling Corp

Horsehead Corp


American Zinc Recycling Corp

American Zinc Recycling Corp

During the process of implementing the new rules, some records lost the relationship to the new names. For example, EP-1799929-A2 currently shows "Horsehead Corp" in ifi-standardized-name as well as ifi-standardized-name-current.

Switching to the new rules will be an ongoing process. Starting next week, we will be reloading those ifi-integrated-content containers affected by the issue described above.

It is important to mention that IFI does not consider a change in the legal form of an entity to be a name change (Inc/LLC, SL/SA, AG/GmbH, etc.). In these cases, the ifi-standardized-name will change in accordance with the old rules.

Note that in the Ultimate Owner service (currently in beta), new and former names will be available as child names of the same ultimate parent.

August 2019: CPCI (CPC-International) replaces CPC and CPCNO

The EPO has announced that CPC-International will be rolled out starting with the next DocDB data delivery. From week 2019/36 onward all CPC classifications will have classification-scheme=“CPCI”. Classification-schemes “CPC” and “CPCNO” will be discontinued from that week onward. In CLAIMS Direct we have added the CPCI value to the schema attribute in classification-cpc (see the Release Notes for more information).

Main features related to this change:

  • CPCI is maintained at the family level. When there has been a change to the CPCI picture for a given family, every member in the simple patent family (i.e., all members with the same family ID) will be updated.
  • In classification scheme=CPCI, classification symbols will be allocated by more than one authority. When different authorities have allocated the same classification symbol, the CPCI picture for one publication will contain duplicate classification symbols.
  • Duplicate classification symbols for one publication will be made unique by a two-letter authority-code. To this purpose, the element <generating-office> is populated by DocDB for every authority allocating CPCI classifications, and also for the EPO and the USPTO. In CLAIMS Direct XML, the authority-code can be found in positions 41-42 in the CPC.

April 2019: Change in number formats for Czechoslovakia/Czechia 

In the next few days some CS and CZ records will change the format of their patent numbers following DocDB recommendations. Some of the changes will include moving the year to the end for CZ publication numbers dating prior to 2000 and suppressing embedded zeroes for CZ publication numbers, applications, and priority numbers dating from 2000 onward. The following table illustrates the changes.

Country CodeKind/YearOld FormatNew Format
CSA1, A2, A3YYnnnnn(nnnnn)nYY
CZpublications before 2000YYnnnnn(nnnn)nYY
CZpublications from 2000 onwardCCYYnnnnCCYY(nnn)n
CZapplications and priorities from 2000 onwardCCYYnnnnCCYY(nnn)n

More information will be added to the release notes as we incorporate these changes.

December 2018: Rekey of IN apps

Please be aware that we rekeyed some IN records in order to solve a duplicate issue. You will find more information in the Release Notes.

December 2018:  IFI CLAIMS Direct required update

The issuing patent authority has requested the removal of particular content from the official record in the document(s) below. Therefore, we have reloaded the document(s) in our databases. Please ensure that you update them within your applications as well.

UCIDCLAIMS Direct Replacement DateLoad ID
DE-102017104529-A1November 27, 2018337359

September 2018: Coverage of EP A4 documents

EP kind code A4 documents cover the supplementary search reports as issued by the EPO following PCT applications entering the EP regional phase. Until now these documents were not fully integrated into the normal EPO publication flow of A and B publications.

Now A4 data is available in CLAIMS Direct both in XML format as well as PDF. See the Release Notes for more detailed information.

July 2018: Expanding PDF coverage

In the last few weeks, we have added full document PDFs to the CA, KR, RU, and WO collections. See the Release Notes for more detailed information.

July 2018: Timeliness of Japanese data improved

At IFI we care about data quality and know how important it is for our clients to have access to the latest data as quickly as possible. Today we are happy to announce that we have improved the average timeliness of JP data availability. This data will now be made available to our clients 2-3 days after the publication date, a vast improvement over the previous delivery schedule of 2-3 weeks.

June 2018: Change in number formatting for Austrian applications and priorities

In the context of improving consistency in numbering formats, the EPO has advised that the DocDB XML delivery of week 29/2018 will include a change of number format in applications and priorities with authority-code "AT" and kind-code "U".

Applications and priorities with a filing-date from 2000 onward will be re-keyed from the old format n(nnnn)yy to the new format n(nnnn)CCyy.

The correction will have an impact on the following CLAIMS Direct records:
•  11,599 applications with authority-code "AT" – triggered by the correction of the application-numbers
•  20,886 applications for a variety of authority-codes – triggered by the correction of the priority-numbers