General Search Parameters

The general search parameters can be seen in the General tab on the right side of the CDWI search page:

 The General option allows you to modify the core parameters of your search, including:

  • Sort: Determines which field will be used as the Sort field. pd (publication date) in descending order is the default sort parameter. You cannot sort on multivalued fields.
  • Rows: Determines the number of rows/records to display per page. 10 is the default entry.
  • Fields: Determines which fields will be displayed in your results list. Only stored fields are available in the response.
  • Summarize Results: Provides a breakdown of search results by country, classification, and year. Clicking on an attribute in the summary adds the attribute as a filter. Note that you must click Search to rerun the query with the added filters.
  • Debug: Provides information about the raw request such as an explanation of how the search was executed, how long the query took to process, and more. Click the Raw tab in the Results pane to view this information.
  • Explain: Provides information about how the ranking score was calculated. Click the Raw tab in the Results pane to view this information.
  • Default Operator: Determines whether the Boolean Operator will be AND or OR. AND is the default operator.