The Result Grouping option groups documents with a common field in like categories and returns the top documents for each category. Fields available for grouping include fam (family) and anucid (filing identifier). To utilize this feature, check the Enable box in the Group tab. Note: When the Group option is enabled, the More Like This (MLT) option is disabled.

The Grouping options can be seen in the Group tab on the right side of the CDWI search page:

Within the Group option, you can set the following search parameters: 

  • Enable: Toggles the feature on/off.
  • Field: Allows selection of a grouping parameter from the fields listed in the dropdown.
  • Raw Parameters: Allows searching using raw parameters.
  • Limit: Controls the number of documents to display in each group.
  • Sort: Determines the order of the group members. Any field can be used in ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order.

To view the Group results:

  1. Click on the Group tab in the Results pane. 
  2. Click the arrow to the left of the group to expand the list. The number of members in the group can be seen in the members column. Note that the members listed are only those that meet the criteria of the original search. To view all members of a particular family, search on the family ID.


Note: The default family-id is -1. If you see this value, there are two possible explanations:

  1. The record is not available in DOCDB.
  2.  We have not yet received the DOCDB record. In this case, the family-id will be populated once we receive the DOCDB record.