Installation Types

There are 3 recommended on-site installation types:

  • Type 1: Stand-alone, Monolithic Installation (PostgreSQL only)


  • Type 2: Basic Distributed Installation (with optional components)


  • Type 3: Advanced Distributed Installation (with optional components)


The choice of installation type depends on how CLAIMS Direct will be integrated into your environment. The following are general recommendations based on common integration scenarios.

InstallationInstallation TypeCommon Integration Scenario
Type 1Stand-alone, MonolithicBackoffice Non-Realtime Processing of Data. This installation offers compactness with minimal resources. This install adheres to the hardware requirements. It will process updates efficiently and it offers acceptable XML data extraction efficiency. It is not recommended to install the optional Solr and Web Service components with this installation type. If the optional Solr and Web Service components are desired, type 2 or 3 is more appropriate.
Type 2Basic DistributedData ETL Integration. A basic distributed installation offers improved data query and XML data extraction efficiency.
Type 3Advanced DistributedTight Application Integration. The advanced installation offers near-real-time querying and XML data extraction performance.

Further Reading

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