On-site Installation

This document is intended for system administrators managing the configuration and installation of a remote instance of CLAIMS Direct. It outlines the hardware and software requirements to support a remote instance of CLAIMS Direct in any of the three recommended installation configurations.

You should review these installation instructions and configuration options with IFI CLAIMS technical support before attempting to provision the necessary hardware and software to support an on-site instance of CLAIMS Direct.

There are several critical steps to a successful install, which will take several weeks to complete. These steps are as follows:

  1. Scope out service requirements and decide on a configuration.
  2. Acquire and provision the hardware and software.
  3. IFI CLAIMS will provide you with a copy of the CLAIMS Direct database, either through a URL or a USB drive.
  4. On receipt of the CLAIMS Direct data, load the data to the new server immediately.
  5. Configure and run the update process, and test the instance.

The following graphic presents an overview of the steps involved in the installation process:

Installation Overview v1

CLAIMS Direct can be deployed on common server hardware that is capable of running Linux. The XML data warehouse is managed by PostgreSQL. Other optional components include:

  • Solr Search Index
  • CLAIMS Direct Web Services (limited functionality in an on-site installation)
  • htttpd to support CLAIMS Direct Web Services

The PostgreSQL data warehouse is capable of primary data synchronization, SQL queries, and data (XML) extraction without Solr and httpd.

The authoritative document record is stored as XML in PostgreSQL

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