Search Options

To begin searching in CDWI, select the Search option in the main menu of the home page:

There are two main search options in CDWI:

  • The Query option allows you to search for records that meet a specified criteria.
  • The List option allows you to search for specific document numbers.


The CDWI Query screen appears on the left side of the search page:

The Query Box

Enter your search criteria into the Query(q) box using the following format: field name:value. For example:


When no field is specified in the query, the search is directed to the default field text, which is comprised of the title, abstract, description, and claims fields. For example:

("autonomous vehicle" OR "self driving vehicle") AND signal*

Click Search to display the results.

The default sort setting displays the latest publication date first. If desired, you can change this in the General Search Parameters.

The total number of results is shown at the top left of the Results pane. You can page through larger result sets using the pagination controls shown below.

The Filter Box

You can use a filter to restrict the superset of documents that are returned by the standard query. There are two advantages to using the filter query rather than including the restriction with your standard query:

  1. The filter query does not affect the ranking score; and
  2. It can increase the speed of repeated complex queries since the filter query results are cached.

The filter below restricts the search results to a specific date range:

Sample Searches

US Assignee Search 
pa:"Xenon Pharmaceuticals" AND pnctry:US

Searches for Xenon Pharmaceuticals in the assignee field where the publication country is the US.

Global Classification Search with Flags
cpl3:G06F AND flags:(has_ttl_en AND has_ab_en AND has_clm_en)

Searches for patents with the classification code of G06F. In this example, flags are used to remove documents that do not have English language titles, abstracts, and claims. For more information about searching with flags, see Flags.

Asian Language Search (CLAIMS Direct Premium and Premium Plus Only)
"半導体装置" OR "반도체 장치" 

Searches for the term "semiconductor device" in Japanese or Korean.

Important Searching Resources

  • The list of searchable fields offered by CDWI can be found here.
  • See the Solr Searching Guide for more information about how to conduct searches within CDWI, including how to use Boolean operators, range searching, complex queries, and more.

List Search

The List search option allows you to search for document numbers (the ucid field) singly or in bulk.

  • If the document numbers are already in CLAIMS Direct format, enter them into the Input box and click Search. Generally, the CLAIMS Direct format includes the country, document number, and kind code separated by dashes: US-9441239-B2.
  • If the document numbers are not in CLAIMS Direct format, check the Validate Input box to convert them. If you have a list of numbers that was generated using a different commercial product, you can select the product name from the drop-down Format menu. Note that Validation only works with publication numbers, not filing numbers.

Your search will result in a Number Validation screen. You can see below that the input values have been converted to CLAIMS Direct format in the ucid column:

Note that EP1799450 resulted in three potential matches. Multiple results are indicated by a small arrow to the left of a document number. Click on the arrow to see the potential matches.

Check the boxes beside the documents you want to include in your search, or check the top box to select all.

Click Accept in the upper left. You will be asked whether you want to replace your input values with the validated list. Click OK to agree:

This will return you to the main List search screen where you can click Search to execute the search.