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      An apparatus, comprising:
        a planar array (201) of one or more photo-voltaic cells;
        an elongated stalk (203) having the planar array (201) fixed at one end thereof, 
        the elongated stalk comprising a helical structure formed from a mechanically 
        photo responsive polymer arranged to passively cause the elongated stalk to 
        bend in a direction perpendicular to an axis of the elongated stalk in response 
        to one side of the elongated stalk being illuminated with a greater intensity of 
        light than an opposite side of the elongated stalk, wherein the elongated stalk 
        includes a plurality of bimetallic strips (301) arranged around the axis of the 
        elongated stalk and extending parallel to the axis of the elongated stalk, each 
        of the bimetallic strips being able to bend in response to a temperature change.
  <claim id="ac-en-0002" num="0002">
      The apparatus as claimed in claim I, wherein an outer surface of the elongated 
      stalk comprises a polymer including a photosensitive or phototropic material selected
      from cinnamic acid, cinnamylidene or azobenzene.

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