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<invention-title mxw-id="PT70129930" lang="DE" load-source="patent office"> Stapelbarer Behälter</invention-title>
<invention-title mxw-id="PT70129931" lang="EN" load-source="patent-office"> Stackable container</invention-title>
<invention-title mxw-id="PT70129932" lang="FR" load-source="patent-office"> Conteneur empilable</invention-title>





Language of title, 2-character code based on ISO 639-2. There can be multiple invention-title elements. There can also be multiple titles in the same language with differing load-source attributes.
Note: The default value is "XX" if no language information is provided by the data source.


Source of title

Note: Invention titles with the load source of ifi are IFI Expanded Titles. They provide additional details about the content of the patent and facilitate the scanning of titles in a set of documents. They were manually added by editors with expertise in the domain area. Titles were enhanced for about 90% of the US patents in the chemical area, as well as some patents in the mechanical and electrical areas, for patents published between 1972 and April 2011. This was done for US patents only.






Invention title. Titles may have sentence caps or all caps depending on the source data.

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