IFI IP Profiles

Still an underutilized data set, patent data allows you to have a unique edge over competitors when choosing an investment. IFI's newest data offering, IP Profiles, provides metrics for companies' patent asset holdings, enabling insights into a company's technology portfolio and comparisons to the technology portfolios of its competitors.

Complete Your Mosaic

  • 90% of American corporate wealth resides in the intangibles
    Alan Murray and David Meyer in “We are All Tech Companies Now,” Fortune, 2021
  • Whether you need to quickly identify patent assets in a bankruptcy or ensure your investment thesis is fully checked - IFI's IP Profiles is a must
  • IFI launches IP Profiles for under 10K USD

Why Patents?

From valuing R&D investments, spotting M&A opportunities, and determining the top innovative companies, patents can unlock otherwise hidden insights into corporate activity. Explore why patents should be included in your investment strategies.


IFI zeroed in on key patent portfolio statistics for easy access to insights into companies' intangible asset holdings. For definitions pertaining to each data point in IFI's IP Profiles, click the link below.

Industry Use Case

IP Profiles were built for patent portfolio comparisons between companies within various industries. Discover how IP Profiles can be leveraged to determine the health of a company's technologies compared to its competitors.

M&A Targeting

Is it a good match? Uncover who the top players are within a given technology space using patent data to find which company, if acquired, could complete a technology portfolio. In the case of UTC's merger with Raytheon, discover their misalignment in technology holdings in the Wall Street Journal article linked below.

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