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The IFI Interview: Patents on the Blockchain

The breathtaking rise of Bitcoin six years ago inspired a patent analytics startup to go all in on the blockchain.

The IFI Interview: Making Patents Usable with Dennemeyer Octimine

Octimine enables anyone in an organization to find, store, and label patents without the help of expensive specialists.

The IFI Interview: Viewing the Patent as a Whole

L‘ontologie shows how patents can illuminate a complex network of evolutionary technology that interacts and creates value.

The IFI Interview: Building Context Around Patents

Amplified CEO Sam Davis talks about how patents can be enriched with AI to create context—and a custom corporate asset that gets better over time.

The IFI Interview: The Role of Patents in ESG Investing with Lucas von Reuss

One of our partners, Quant IP, has developed an unbiased, quantitative system that helps investment managers tackle the environmental portion of ESG scoring.

'Green' energy patents more focused on 'clean' conventional energy instead of renewables

New data shows industry has stronger focus on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions of current fuel sources, less commitment to renewables and ‘Net Zero’.

IFI Insights: How Renewable Are U.S. Energy Patents?

IFI CLAIMS drilled down into two main patent codes around conventional and renewable energy. We then examined the technologies to see how green the patents really are.

Samsung Leads in U.S. Patents as Overall Grants Hit Four-Year Low

Self-Driving Vehicles, Fossil Fuel Drilling and AI Among Hottest Areas for R&D Activity; Applications Hit an All-Time High,According to Annual Analysis by IFI CLAIMS…

Fall Newsletter 2022

Will Samsung Have More Patented Technologies in 2022 than Big Blue? For nearly three decades, IBM has dominated IFI’s Top 50 U.S. patent ranking. Now…

The IFI Interview: Lucas von Reuss, CEO and Co-Founder of Quant IP

Quant IP is showing the finance industry how crucial patent information is to the allocation of capital.

A place for every patent, and every patent in its proper place

A place for every patent, and every patent in its proper place. That’s the aim of BlueFoot, a company providing patent intelligence to corporate IP departments and the U.S.

What if we could design a radically small taxonomy which covers every patent in the world?

Cipher’s CTO talks with IFI CLAIMS about the inspiration behind their innovative new taxonomy technology.

Summer Newsletter 2022

IP PROFILES ARE LIVE! IFI's newest interactive and accessible online tool is now available! Create your own search today to gain insights into key…

Which companies could become Maestros of the Metaverse?

A new study by world leaders in patent data has revealed the companies that are poised to become the “Maestros of the Metaverse”, conducting the most innovations…

IFI Insights: Inventing the Metaverse

Last year, the notion of a metaverse appeared to burst onto the scene out of nowhere. But a recent analysis of patent applications and grants shows that over the past…

Professional Intuition + AI = Better, Faster Patent Searches

Patents have long had a searchability problem. Between classification systems, prior art, and the tens of millions of patents on file, starting a comprehensive patent…

Spring Newsletter 2022

NEW: IP PROFILES Search, share and compare IFI Ultimate Owners with IP Profiles. IFI's newest interactive and accessible online tool launches in just a few short…

The companies leading the race for new electric vehicle technology

Small, unknown "startup stars" represent the future of motoring tech The "pain at the pump" experienced by motorists worldwide against the backdrop of Russia's…

IFI Insights: Do patent applications of electric vehicle startups predict the road ahead

IFI CLAIMS looked at acquisitions by such companies as Amazon, Apple, Cummins and Volvo. We then evaluated the technologies of the startups acquired to see where…

Overpromised and Saturated?! -  Positioning AI in IP

In this day and age, is it possible to go to an Intellectual Property (IP) conference or trade show and not be bombarded with the buzzword "artificial intelligence…

Winter Newsletter 2022

THE 2021 RANKINGS ARE NOW LIVE Insights into the newest innovations and the top companies for 2021 have been revealed! IFI's Rankings feature key trends in US…

Despite Pandemic, Patent Activity Remains Strong

IBM Again Tops Annual U.S. Patent List; Samsung Leads in Total Global Patent Assets NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 12, 2021 — U.S. patent grants ticked downward only…

IFI CLAIMS Announces 2021 Top Global Patent Holders

China’s 2021 U.S. Patent Grants Surged, Even as Total Patent Awards Trended Downward, According to Analysis by IFI CLAIMS 2021 Rankings Shed Light on Corporate…

Fall 2021 Newsletter

CN SNAPSHOTS Chinese Snapshots are here! IFI Snapshots for CN documents are now fully covered in CLAIMS Direct and available to Premium+ subscribers.

Numerous chemical name searches turned into one, all in the same software solution

Streamline chemical research with PADRYT’s newest addition to their platform Finding relevant patent documents is always a challenge, especially when it…

From Patents to Alpha

How to use patent data for stock selection and build an outperforming investment strategy Patents rarely make it into the news but as we all know the coronavirus…

Leading patent data platform IFI CLAIMS joins Digital Science

London, 2 July 2021.  Digital Science, a technology company serving stakeholders across the research ecosystem, is pleased to announce that it has fully acquired IFI…

Advanced Patent Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence and a Single-Source Database

Dennemeyer Octimine uses IFI patent data to power their AI-based patent monitoring system.

Summer 2020 Newsletter

Most businesses now hold the belief that data is a huge asset or even “the new oil”. Yet many still have difficulties with managing quality. In a recent report…

Speed and Accuracy Deliver a Competitive Advantage in IP

Being the first to acquire new patent information leads to strategic benefits.