2016 U.S. Patent Trends & Insights

IBM and Samsung Up; Google and Apple Steady

IBM saw a nearly 10% increase in US utility grants in 2016. IBM saw significant percentage increases in CPC patent classes G06F (Electrical Digital Data Processing)—18% and H04L (Transmission of Digital Information)—25%. These are the areas where most of IBM's patent grants are classified. Samsung's grant count increased almost 9% with large gains in G06F and H04W (Wireless Communications Networks).…

2015 U.S. Patent Trends & Insights

Concentration at the Top: The Top 50 patent assignees together received 79,052 utility grants, or 26% of the total.  IFI tracks assignees and found that 42,864 unique assignees received utility grants in 2015.  11,109 appeared for the first time in 2015.  This means that 26% of all patents go to the top 0.1% of patenting organizations. 
Patents with no assignee accounted for 6% of the total.  Unassigned patents include patents granted to individual inventors working independently of an…

IFI CLAIMS veröffentlicht die Top 50 der Deutschen Patentanmelder 2015

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2015 IFI CLAIMS Patentierungs- Trends Deutschland

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Anmelder:  In Deutschland wird die Liste der Top 50 von der Automobil und der Zulieferindustrie angeführt.  Im Vergleich dazu sind dies in den USA die Computer- und Telekommunikations Unternehmen. 

Klassifikationen:  Die Top Klassifikationen in 2015 sind:

2015 DE CPC 2015 count Beschreibung
Y10T 714 Metallverarbeitung und Metalwaren –Verbindungen

2014 U.S. Patent Trends & Insights

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2014 U.S. Patent Trends & Insights
MADISON, Conn., Jan. 12, 2015 — IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services, the leading producer of global patent databases, analytic solutions and innovative web services, has…

2013 U.S. Patent Trends & Insights

MADISON, Conn., Jan. 14, 2014 — IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services, the leading producer of global patent databases, analytic solutions and innovative web services, has compiled the following facts from its analysis of calendar year 2013 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) data.

  • The USPTO issued a record 277,835 utility patents in 2013, an increase of approximately 10 percent over 2012 and the most issued in a single year 

IFI's U.S. Patent Collection Available on STN in One Database

IFI CLAIMS®Patent Services, a leading producer of global patent databases, analytic solutions and innovative web services, and STN®, a leading online database service that provides global access to patents and published research, today announced the availability of IFIALL on the STN platform.  The most comprehensive U.S. patent collection, IFIALL combines three IFI CLAIMS patent databases into a single file to make patent searches faster and easier for STN searchers.

2012 U.S. Patent Trends & Insights

MADISON, Conn., Jan. 10, 2013 — IFI CLAIMS®Patent Services, the leading producer of global patent databases, analytic solutions and innovative web services, has compiled the following facts from its analysis of calendar year 2012 U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) data.

Top-Line Trends

  • The USPTO issued 253,155 utility patents in 2012, the highest annual number on record and an increase of approximately 13 percent over 2011. 

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Licenses Global Patent Data to Gridlogics

IFI CLAIMS licenses the CLAIMS® Global patent database to Gridlogics, an India-based intellectual properties solutions provider with customers all over the world.  Under the agreement, IFI CLAIMS global data will be accessible from the Gridlogics PatSeer™ patent search and analysis platform, giving its customers access to high quality, integrated patent data.

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Newsletter – Volume 4, Fall 2012

Newsletter – Volume 4, Fall 2012

Custom Reporting  |  Product News  |  Featured Partner - Surechem  |  Highlights from our Blog

IFI CLAIMS provides Custom Reports to clients around the world. Starting with our comprehensive global patent database, we deliver exactly the data you need, exactly how you want to see it...

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Newsletter: Volume 3, August 2012

IFI CLAIMS Newsletter: Volume 3, August 2012

Message from the CEO – CLAIMS Direct Reindex – CLAIMS Classic update – PITR updates – BLOG Highlights including:

A new post from a guest blogger - Enric Escorsa of Iale.  Enriq writes about innovations in shale oil extraction with emphasis on the change of ownership of Argentina Oil Firm YPF in "Repsol, YPF and the pursuit of unconventional oil". 

Repsol, YPF and the pursuit of unconventional oil

By Enric Escorsa, Iale Tecnología

In April this year, Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernández, announced her decision to seize control over Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales (YPF), the former Argentine oil firm that since 1999 had been part of the Spanish oil company, REPSOL, under the joint name of REPSOL YPF.

In this post we use the IFI CLAIMS Claims Direct patent database and KMX…

California leads the nation in innovation, or does it?

On January 10, 2012 IFI CLAIMS Patent Services released its ranking of top global companies based on US utility patents in 2011.

Our IFI analysts work closely with our customers providing them with access to high quality patent data that allows them to develop deep insights into corporate patent portfolios, technology landscapes, and competitive intelligence. While preparing our 2011 Patent Intelligence and Technology Report, we took a closer look at the 2011 US patent grants and in particular the location of the inventors named on these documents. Despite the obvious surge of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese companies in the Top 50 assignees, 50% of US patents in 2011 named US inventors down only 4% when compared with 2001. Patents with Japanese inventors are the second largest group accounting for 20% of US patents in 2011 which is basically the same as 2001. Germany comes in third although dropped from 9% in 2001 to 6% in 2011. Chinese inventors appear in less than 2% of 2011, but this presence has grown by more than 1000% when compared with 2001.

Linguamatics and Fairview announce collaboration for high performance text mining of patent data

Linguamatics, a leader in enterprise text mining, today announced that it has agreed to license patent content from Fairview Research's Alexandria database. Linguamatics has acquired a developer license as part of its ongoing strategy to provide more effective patent mining solutions to its customers. Fairview Research's Alexandria database contains 85 million patent records from over 70 countries. Alexandria includes data from the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

2010 Patent Grants At All-Time High - Up 31 Percent Over 2009 - A Sign That Recession Failed to Slow Patent Flow

IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services, a division of Fairview Research and the leading producer of value-added U.S. patent databases and indexing services, today announced a ranking of global companies awarded the most U.S. patents in 2010.  IFI uses proprietary algorithms and 50 years' experience analyzing U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) data to compile the de facto annual ranking of U.S. utility-patent recipients.  Utility patents are the most common patent type and a primary means of protecting intellectual property and technological innovation.

Fairview Research Acquires Patent Database Leader IFI

Acquisition Expands Fairview’s Database Search and Retrieval Capabilities in Intellectual Property Arena NEW HAVEN, Conn., (Sept. 20, 2010) — Fairview Research, a provider of data enrichment technology and services for technical information retrieval and analysis, announced today that it has acquired Wilmington, Del.-based IFI Patent Intelligence from Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions.  IFI is the leading producer of value-added U.S. patent databases and indexing services.  The acquisition allows Fairview to augment its existing data standardization technologies and broaden its intellectual property expertise. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

American Companies Capture Less than Majority of 2009 U.S. Patent Pool

For the second straight year, foreign companies collectively captured a slight majority of new U.S. patents awarded to corporations by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  According to an annual corporate ranking released today by IFI Patent Intelligence (www.ificlaims.com), U.S. corporations garnered 49 percent of all U.S. utility patents issued in 2009 with the remainder going to foreign firms.  This is only the second time that foreign companies collectively received more U.S. patents than U.S.-based firms.