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Enlyton Information Research via a “Discovery Engine”

Guest blog post from Chris McKinzie, Founder of Enlyton

We often tease that Enlyton’s “More Like This” feature is so simple that it even enables the CEO to search and identify relevant patents and related information.  Naturally, searching for information in some collection of unstructured documents is extremely valuable and it is therefore worth improving upon the efficiency of the process and the accuracy of the results.

Advanced Patent Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence and a Single-Source Database

Contributed by Dr. Matthias Pötzl, Managing Director of Dennemeyer Octimine

100 to 500 documents—that's the number of patents a technology company has to analyze each week to stay up-to-date with the patenting activity of the competition. Due to the annually increasing number of worldwide patent applications and the growing complexity of technologies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest state of the art.

Speed and Accuracy Deliver a Competitive Advantage in IP

In today’s world, businesses place a high value on being the first to know—speed to insight combined with accuracy is an advantage in the marketplace. In a world where even a day makes a difference, as it did with filing the patent application for CRISPR, getting important information late can lead to disastrous results. Relying on data that isn’t fresh leads to missed signals such as:

  • A new patent publication covering the same invention another company is trying to develop

Patent Grant Prediction with 99 Percent Success Rate

Written by Lucas von Reuss, Founder & CEO of Quant IP

We at Quant IP are always looking for ways to approach patent data with new algorithms to unlock true value for our clients. Our latest development is a machine learning model to predict whether a patent will be granted or rejected. We built the model with input from IP practitioners with decades of experience in drafting, filing, and examining patents. We then translated their knowledge into rules which can be applied directly to a patent…

AI Can’t be Named as an Inventor—Yet

Artificial intelligence is offering many benefits to the intellectual property (IP) industry, but it can’t legally take credit for inventing anything new. A patent application listing an artificial intelligence (AI) entity as the inventor was denied by three major patent offices. Submitted by Dr. Stephen Thaler with the inventor listed as DABUS, the USPTO, the EPO, and the UKIPO, all agreed that current law can’t allow for anything other than “natural persons”.

Patents and the Open COVID Pledge

Earlier this year, we announced the creation of the Open COVID Pledge. The aim of the group is to remove intellectual property (IP) barriers which could interfere with the development of new diagnostic tests and treatments for the coronavirus. Companies who take the pledge agree to make their IP assets available for free until one year after the World Health Organization declares the pandemic has…

Effective Data Governance Opens the Door to Insight

Most businesses now hold the belief that data is a huge asset or even “the new oil”. Yet many still have difficulties with managing quality. In a recent report from O’Reilly titled The State of Data Quality in 2020, one of the main conclusions is that data quality is going to get worse before it gets better. While common problems such as dealing with unifying multiple sources and missing data are still challenges, organizations are starting to adapt data governance policies with C-level…

Working on a Patent That Will Help with the Coronavirus Crisis?

For small biz, there’s a new fast lane

The speed of the coronavirus outbreak has prompted a surge of rapid response research and development in the quest to contain, cure, or stamp out the virus. In an effort to hasten such innovations, the United States Patent and Trademark Office just announced a new program for small businesses that picks up the pace and reduces fees for patents in the COVID-19…

IP Offices Enact Measures to Stay Operational During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many organizations and governments around the world have taken steps to ensure business continuity and address hardships felt by their customers and patrons. Intellectual property offices have largely moved to remote operations in areas where the coronavirus is still problematic. Many organizations want to assist patent owners and applicants facing challenges by extending deadlines for fees and the submission of other required…

IFI Adds New Data to Chinese Patent Records

Now more than ever, it’s essential to have the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive Chinese data for research and analysis. IFI’s switch to a new supplier allows us to offer new and improved patent data that includes both English translations and the original Chinese text.
Chinese patent publications now include all referenced images and pdfs along with bibliographic data and full text.

Fighting COVID-19 With Shared Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has sickened or taken the lives of far too many people around the world. From staying home on the individual level to cooperation between different branches of government it’s imperative that we all work together to fight this disease.
Researchers all over the world have dropped other projects and are sharing information posted to preprint servers—research papers shared before peer review—using tools like Slack and Twitter.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Recent Translation Upgrades in CLAIMS Direct

Get English translations of patent documents before anyone else and with nearly 100% completeness

Be the first to know when new non-English patent records are published by leveraging the new translation capabilities in CLAIMS Direct. As the only information provider using the Google Translate engine in-house, IFI now offers English translations a day after the native language text is received. The only exception is Chinese, where the English translation is available before the original native language text.…

AI in IP: What's Next, Part Two

At IP Service World (IPSW) in Munich held in late November 2019, IFI hosted three brief interactive roundtable sessions and learned more about both the European perspective on artificial intelligence (AI) and new information about its impact to the intellectual property (IP) industry. We had great discussions ranging from whether AI can be considered an inventor on a patent application to whether new machine learning tools are changing IP management workflows.

Strategic Insights. Instantly.

Often times senior executives don’t fully understand the wealth of insights that can be extracted by studying the patent portfolio of a competitor. This is traditionally a very time-consuming task for the patent search expert, since growth rates analysis of patent filing activity usually does not come out of a box. But what if it did?

AI in IP: What's Next, Part One

IFI attended and sponsored the 2018 IP Service World (IPSW) in Munich where a lot of interesting products and ideas involving artificial intelligence (AI) were discussed. This sparked curiosity around the topic, and we’ve been wondering where the future might take us in regard to its use in intellectual property. Toward this end, please join us at a roundtable event at the 2019 IPSW on the morning of Tuesday, November 26.…

The Evolving Landscape of Chinese Patents

Janice Stevenson, EVP of Client Relations at IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, will present information at the 2019 IP Service World in Munich on where Chinese inventors are filing for patent protection and what forms it is taking.

Focus on Value Creation Instead of Data Management

Lucas von Reuss from Quant IP explains how IFI CLAIMS not only saved time but enabled his employees to be more efficient and sped up product development. We started with raw data from patent offices—a cheap solution every young company looks for instinctively.

The Global Patent Landscape for Climate Change Related Patents

By Larry Cady, Senior Analyst at IFI 

The UN Climate Action Summit recently concluded and received heavy press coverage. There is a significant amount of research being done worldwide that is directly and indirectly related to climate change. IFI CLAIMS has surveyed this activity and the results are shown below.

A Special Patent Classification

Climate Change related patents are classified…

Using a Single Source of Patent Data Lets Developers Focus on High-Priority Tasks

Guest post from Matthias Pötzl, Managing Director, Dennemeyer Octimine


Dennemeyer Octimine is an innovative company in the field of IP management and recognized as one of the leading AI platforms. The product Octimine takes semantic patent search, analytics and machine learning to the next level. Founded in 2015 by former Max-Planck-Institute and LMU Munich researchers Dr. Michael Natterer and Dr.

New Full-Text Patent Records and Google Translations Now Available in CLAIMS Direct

New Records
In keeping with our 2019 content roadmap, many new full text records are now available, along with translations to English using Google Translate. Since the beginning of the year 1.4 million documents covering 14 new countries and patent authorities have been added to our global patent database, bringing the total to 38 entities. These records are available to Premium+ subscribers. See more details…

The Chief Data Officer Role Encompasses Big Challenges and Opportunities—MIT Symposium

At a sold-out event at MIT in the middle of summer, corporate, academic, and consulting leaders came together to discuss the future of information management. The Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium drew attendees from as far away as South Korea and Austria seeking new strategies for managing opportunities brought about by technologies such as AI and managing critical risks such as securing personal…

Keep Track of Semiconductor Patent Leaders with IFI’s Interactive Ranking Tool

We posted a blog in January highlighting some of the things you can do with our Top 1000 Interactive Ranking Tool. In addition to discovering trends and finding competitors, the tool shows the most current counts of patent grants for the year-to-date.
Let’s highlight one particular company that has seen a lot of growth over the past few years, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). In…

Using Patents as an Alternative Data Source for Investing

Linking patent data to financial and other data sources provides analysts with unique metrics for decision making. On a tactical level, it’s possible to figure out how effective a company’s R&D spend is by linking it to patent grants. When linked to SIC codes, this can be done at an industry level to uncover broader patterns. On a strategic level, tracking patent activity sheds light on technology and geography…

Patent Landscape Analysis Using AI: Computer Systems Based on Biological Models

This is a guest blog by Nadav Kenneth (CEO) and Dr. Ronen Golan (CTO) of Inventive-IP, which is based in Israel. Inventive-IP provides patent-related services including prior art search, portfolio evaluation and modeling, competitive landscapes and litigation support. Inventive-IP’s services are supported by their proprietary search and analysis software. 

In this blog, we will use the…

IFI CLAIMS Spring 2019 Newsletter

 The Fastest Growing Technologies

Analyzing patent information is a good way to determine which technologies are experiencing rapid growth. We compared US patent application growth by CPC (cooperative patent classification) codes to find the largest increases from 2017 to 2018. The list includes some widely-covered technologies such as machine learning, and also some surprises like warehouse technology.…

New Chinese Patent Data Source: Faster and More Accurate Records

When it comes to international patent filings, China has been turning up the heat. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) more than half of all PCT applications, which allow simultaneous filing in many countries, were filed by Asian companies in 2018. China leads the pack, and especially of note are their large numbers of AI and quantum computing patents. They are expected to pass the US in PCT patent applications within the next two years.1

Bringing Google Translate to CLAIMS Direct

In today’s world, many people are accustomed to using apps that can translate signs in other languages by simply aiming their camera. While this is a great tool for vacationers, a vastly more sophisticated tool is needed for legal documents such as patents. The IFI global patent database contains records in 48 languages, and we're committed to making the information stored in them as accessible as…

IFI Patent Data Available through the WPI Test Collection

A subset of IFI patent data is now available for research purposes in conjunction with the World Patent Information (WPI) journal. The collection supports the mission of WPI, which is to publish insights into intellectual property information retrieval along with patent analytics methods.
This free collection is designed to foster good scientific practice, such as transparency and repeatability of experiments. It will not be updated with new data to ensure consistency of…

Patent Activity in the Monterey Bay Area

Larry Cady, Senior Analyst, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services
Capitola resident Larry Cady is not a patent attorney but does have over 20 years experience working with an analyzing patent data and trends. 


IFI CLAIMS 2019 Content Roadmap

IFI's Content Roadmap for 2019 reinforces the company’s ongoing commitment to the quality, reliability, and completeness of the CLAIMS Direct patent repository.
Chinese Data Improvements
We’ve just started to use a new Chinese data source that is improving quality and timeliness. We are using this new source for all new publications and updates, and during Q1 and Q2 we will complete a…