Video: PITR - The Easy To Use Patent Dashboard

This four minute video demonstrates the ease of use and depth of data available in PITR - The Patent Intelligence and Technology Report system:

PITR - The Easy to Use Patent Dashboard

IFI CLAIMS Newsletter: Volume 2, May 2012

IFI CLAIMS Newsletter Number 2 – May 2012

Message from CEO after returning from PIUG – Data Update on CLAIMS Global – Featured Partner – Webinars and Blogs

IFI CLAIMS Newsletter: Volume 1, April 2012

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Thanks to everyone who joined our "KMX for Portfolio Analysis" webinars.  For those who were not able to attend, we invite you to check our schedule and join us at one of our future events when we will continue to explore the patent analytics, text mining, visualization, and the potential of our CLAIMS DIRECT patent web services – the developer-friendly patent data API.

2010 Patent Grants At All-Time High - Up 31 Percent Over 2009 - A Sign That Recession Failed to Slow Patent Flow

IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services, a division of Fairview Research and the leading producer of value-added U.S. patent databases and indexing services, today announced a ranking of global companies awarded the most U.S. patents in 2010.  IFI uses proprietary algorithms and 50 years' experience analyzing U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) data to compile the de facto annual ranking of U.S. utility-patent recipients.  Utility patents are the most common patent type and a primary means of protecting intellectual property and technological innovation.