Blockchain Patents Unchained: Patent Landscape from IALE Tecnología

This analysis of blockchain patent applications and grants from IALE Tecnología, based on IFI data, offers an in-depth examination of this new technology. 

Blockchain patents unchained
A patent landscape on blockchain and digital currencies
Enric Escorsa, IALE Tecnologia
October 2018

Is it worthwhile to patent on blockchain? Who is currently doing it and why?

In this brief report we examine who is behind the development of new technologies enabling blockchain. We look at patent data to identify companies/assignees claiming novel technologies and solutions. We also identify who is using patent protection to get control of this promising market and who is positioning their blockchain systems and platform implementations in various sectors.

Yes, you are reading yet another post about blockchain, the “hot” topic everyone (from speculators to idealists) is talking about. There are countless news portals, blogs, social aggregators, chats, forums, and active communities on the internet perpetually updating us on new cryptocurrencies, new ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) being launched, and new metrics for monitoring their highly volatile market capitalization.

Isn’t all this information enough? What else can be said about blockchain?

We wondered whether checking a different source would provide an overview or, at least, some additional hints about the state of this technology. Patent documents are in fact a vast source of technical, formal information produced worldwide and registered in national and regional IP offices. They can help reveal who has a strategic interest in protecting new technologies and processes. They also provide valuable hints about the evolution of technologies.

An analysis of patents can hopefully shed some light on the current developments related to blockchain. Working with this initial hypothesis, let’s undertake some patent searches and see what we get.

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