Gain a Competitive Advantage with Recent Translation Upgrades in CLAIMS Direct

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Get English translations of patent documents before anyone else and with nearly 100% completeness

Be the first to know when new non-English patent records are published by leveraging the new translation capabilities in CLAIMS Direct. As the only information provider using the Google Translate engine in-house, IFI now offers English translations a day after the native language text is received. The only exception is Chinese, where the English translation is available before the original native language text.

We started the new process by using Google Translate on all new, incoming patent documents. Next we moved onto updating the backfile records which were already in our system. At the time of writing, we've processed all non-English records back to the year 2010 and determined that 99.999915% are completely translated. 

Keyword searching is greatly enhanced with the new translations. With more words accurately translated, our customers have already noticed more records are matching their existing queries.

For detailed information on the upgrade, see our translation documentation page.

Samples of the improvements include:
Improvement Old translation New translation
Better word choice Long-cherished desire insists the profit of the American temporary patent application This application claims the benefit of US Provisional Patent Application
More complete content ‘Salvage FLOATING DEVICE" according to areivindicação 1, characterized in a constructive option, seremprevistos the kit "FLOATING SALVAGE DEVICE" according to claim 1, FEATURED BY a constructive option, are provided in the Kit
Chemical names translated with greater accuracy N-[(2R)-7-(?????)-2,3-?????-1,4-?????-2-?]??-???-1-??; . N-{[(2R) -7- (methylsulfonyl) -2,3-dihydro-1,4-benzodioxin-2-yl] methyl} -propan-1-amine;
Greek alphabet translated correctly For example the maximum speed ratio of about 2.804 (?1) For example, a first gear stage having a maximum transmission ratio γ1
Accurate numbering Patent application 60/827,569th number Patent Application No. 60 / 827,569
More complete translations located in the doll's mouth identifies only imams, econsequentemente unhealthy foods, and in the case deser an approximate imam of the mouth of the doll, the two serãoacionados sensors; located in the mouth of the doll that identifies ferrous materials: magnets, steel, iron; a magnetic sensor 1 located in the doll's mouth identifies only magnets, and consequently unhealthy food, and in the case of giving an approximate magnet of the doll's mouth, both sensors will be triggered;
Corrections to symbols and measurements In “territory synthesisâ€�, for example the picture territory where the picture is very small (2×2 pixel) In “region synthesis”, an image is divided into very small image regions (for example, 2 × 2 pixels)