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 The Chief Data Officer Role Encompasses Big Challenges and Opportunities—MIT Symposium

At a sold-out event at MIT in the middle of summer, corporate, academic, and consulting leaders came together to discuss the future of information management. The Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium drew attendees from as far away as South Korea and Austria seeking new strategies for managing opportunities brought about by technologies such as AI and managing critical risks such as securing personal data.

Many intriguing case studies were presented, ranging from the Chief Data Officer at the Department of Defense who increased aircraft availability, to nonprofit work by Mastercard that aims to decrease data inequality.

Read more details.

Image courtesy of conference organizers Richard Wang PhD and Gjertrud Djupvik 

Keep Track of Semiconductor Patent Leaders with IFI’s Interactive Ranking Tool

We posted a blog in January highlighting some of the things you can do with our Top 1000 Interactive Ranking Tool. In addition to discovering trends and finding competitors, the tool shows the most current counts of patent grants for the year-to-date.
Let’s highlight one particular company that has seen a lot of growth over the past few years, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC). In 2018, TSMC took the #6 spot in our list of top 50 US patent assignees. They received 2,071 granted patents for the patent classification code H01L (semiconductors) in 2018 out of their 2,465 total. With 2019 half over, we were curious to see if TSMC’s semiconductor patent domination trend was holding true. We were a little surprised to see that IBM, not TSMC, was currently leading as of July 2 with 865 US granted patents compared to 804 for TSMC.

Who's ahead right now? Look at the live data, and focus on the 2019 to date column, as shown in the example below from July.

Using Patents as an Alternative Data Source for Investing

Linking patent data to financial and other data sources provides analysts with unique metrics for decision making. On a tactical level, it’s possible to figure out how effective a company’s R&D spend is by linking it to patent grants. When linked to SIC codes, this can be done at an industry level to uncover broader patterns. On a strategic level, tracking patent activity sheds light on technology and geography trends.  

See our analysis of Pfizer's patent portfolio.

New Full-Text Patent Records and Google Translations Now Available in CLAIMS Direct

In keeping with our 2019 content roadmap, many new full text records are now available, along with translations to English using Google Translate. Since the beginning of the year 1.4 million documents covering 14 new countries and patent authorities have been added to our global patent database, bringing the total to 38 entities. Three more will be added before the end of the year, bringing our full-text coverage to 41 patent authorities. These records are available to Premium+ subscribers.

Learn what's new.

Featured Partner: Dennemeyer Octimine
Dennemeyer Octimine logo

Dennemeyer Octimine uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and compare millions of scientific and technical text documents (e.g. patents, scientific publications, scientific news,…) in seconds to retrieve the relevant information much faster than common methods. Founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Munich (LMU) and the Max-Planck-Institute, the company is now part of the Dennemeyer IP Group.

Read their blog post: Using a Single Source of Patent Data Lets Developers Focus on High-Priority Tasks

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