Patent Education Resources

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As many new uses for patent data come to light, we’re getting requests for basic education on patent content. We’re happy to provide guidance to customers with this need, and we’ve listed educational content from organizations we trust below.

United States Patent System

Patent Searching Fundamentals Course
Patent Information Users Group (PIUG)
US focus with some international content
This 2-day course that takes place every March at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. Three well known patent experts cover patent information resources, the basics of patent law, searching techniques, patent analysis, and visualization. Tips for searching biotech, chemical, and engineering content are also presented. 

USPTO webinars and e-learning modules  
United States Patent and Trademark Office
US patent system
The USPTO offers six free, on-demand modules covering intellectual property protection and enforcement in five languages. The languages include English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian. The series covers all areas of intellectual property protection including patents, trademarks, copyrights, enforcement, geographical indications, and trade.

International Patent Systems

EPO Patent Information Training
European Patent Organization
EU focus with some international content
The EPO provides in-person and online courses covering diverse topics such as the business use of patent information to working with Asian patent data. In-person courses are moderately priced and online workshops are free.

EUIPO Academy Learning Portal
European Union Intellectual Property Office
EU patent system
A range of educational options are available for intellectual property issues in the European Union, including general IP knowledge, trademarks, designs, and enforcement. Formats include recorded conference videos, tutorials, and e-learning courses. Some basic offerings are free while fees are required for more in-depth material.

WIPO eLearning Centre
World Intellectual Property Organization 
International Focus
From short recordings to in-depth online training programs, WIPO offers everything from a basic primer on IP issues to patent application filing. Introductory course are often free, while advanced topics require a modest registration fee.