IFI CLAIMS Newsletter: Volume 1, April 2012

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  Volume 1, April 2012  
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KMX for Portfolio Analysis - Landscape View

Thanks to everyone who joined our "KMX for Portfolio Analysis" webinars.  For those who were not able to attend, we invite you to check our schedule and join us at one of our future events when we will continue to explore the patent analytics, text mining, visualization, and the potential of our CLAIMS DIRECT patent web services – the developer-friendly patent data API.

Our next webinar will be Wednesday, April 11 at 10am New York time (3:00pm London time).  Larry Cady will present KMX for Risk Management.  Larry will illustrate how KMX can help identify and understand IP risk.

All of our webinars include live demonstrations and typically last 50 minutes.

Click here to see the webinar schedule and to register >

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Message from the CEO
  IFI CLAIMS CEO Mike Baycroft

Welcome to our first IFI CLAIMS Newsletter.  2012 begins with a lot of exciting developments at IFI CLAIMS.  We began the year by publishing our Top Global Companies Ranked by 2011 US Patents, launching a new website, and actively promoting a new and exciting product line.

We continue to enhance and expand our US and global patent databases and to spread the word on KMX – one of the most accessible and affordable text analysis tools available.

We are also very excited about the commercial release of IFI CLAIMS DIRECT. CLAIMS DIRECT is a web service that enables developers to easily incorporate IFI's carefuly curated global patent database into their applications with a minimum of licensing restrictions.  CLAIMS DIRECT is the direct result of the Alexandria project that IFI CLAIMS and Fairview Research have supported for several years.  

I would like to personally thank all of our customers and partners for their continued support. After over 60 years supporting innovation, we remain committed to enabling access to the highest quality patent content available and to our team of patent experts.

Mike Baycroft, CEO, IFI CLAIMS Patent Service

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  The Top 50 Universities by US Patent Grants
Mike Baycroft, Larry Cady and the rest of the IFI CLAIMS staff are blogging at our web site's News and Blog page.  

Recent Blog Posts include Mike Baycroft on the "Top 50 University Patent Portfolios", and exploration of "US State Patent Ranking", and Larry Cady on the Patent Grant Lag.  

Be sure to see the popular news release on the Top Global Companies Ranked by 2011 US Patents.  
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We will be in Denver for the 2012 PIUG Annual Conference. The conference theme this year is "View from Mile High - Best Practices in Analysis and Visualization of Patent Information".

Mike Baycroft will present "Beyond the Search Engine: Using Text Mining and Visualization to Explore and Organize Large Patent Document Sets" on Tuesday May 1.  If you are attending the conference, please look us up.  

Questions? email us at info@ificlaims.com
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