Fairview Research and Treparel Information Solutions collaborate on integrated Patent Analytics Solution.

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Christophe Lanham
Fairview Research / IFI CLAIMS Patent Services
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Fairview Research and Treparel Information Solutions are pleased to announce an agreement to collaborate on a text analytics and visualization product. This partnership will focus on integrating Treparel’s KMX Patent Analytics software with Fairview’s Alexandria Patent Data Warehouse.

Customers will now be able to take advantage of a mature patent analytics solution that provides direct access to a comprehensive, global patent database. Users can seamlessly search the Alexandria patent content and review the results in the KMX software. The solution provides the searcher with a familiar workflow while providing intuitive control of relevancy ranking and visualization tools. The results are improvements to efficiency and accuracy ultimately reducing costs and improving the overall quality of information retrieval.

“Treparel’s KMX offers information professionals a new approach to business critical information”, says Fairview’s CEO Mike Baycroft. “The combined product will improve the accessibility of patent information by making it easier for professional searchers to share their expertise and for users to find what they need.”

“KMX customers can now take advantage efficient access to the full text Alexandria patent database which has huge advantages for classification and landscaping”, according to Treparel’s CEO Dr. Anton Hejis. “Fairview’s implementation of Alexandria on the Amazon cloud made it easy to build our own patent server and integrate it with KMX. The flexibility and scalability of the KMX-Alexandria product platform gives us tremendous scope for future product development.”

Details of the new joint product will be announced shortly. Initially focused on the patent information market, the joint product will also expose the unique ability to leverage patent information as training data for domain-specific classifiers that can be applied to non-patent literature such as Pubmed, newsfeeds, or internal document collections.

Baycroft suggests “one of the most exciting futures will be the opportunity to take advantage of the enriched patent content produced by Fairview’s IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. They have been curating the patent data since the 1950s, Their dictionaries of standardized company names and chemical terms and concepts are among the best available.”

For further information on the joint product, contact info@fairviewresearch.com.

About Fairview Research / IFI CLAIMS™ Patent Services
Fairview Research (New Haven, Conn., and Barcelona, Spain) is a provider of data enrichment technology and services for information retrieval and analysis. Founded in 2006, the company is skilled at making large-scale scientific and technical databases more searchable and helping to lower the cost of specialized research. Fairview has an experienced team that has been serving the intellectual property information market for more than 16 years, and, with the acquisition of IFI CLAIMS Patent Services (Wilmington, Del.) in 2010, has forged a global data enrichment services firm that caters to corporate clients and information professionals with an emphasis on customer care and support. For more than 50 years, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services has been the preeminent producer of value-added U.S patent databases. From the most rigorous U.S. assignee name standardization process in the industry, to continual class code updates, and comprehensive indexing for chemical patents — IFI has built a solid reputation as a leader in patent databases. For more information, visit www.fairviewresearch.com or www.ificlaims.com.

About Treparel Information Solutions
Treparel (Delft, The Netherlands), which stands for TREnds PAtterns and RELations, is an innovator within the text mining and visualization industry. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Anton Hejis, Treparel has focused on developing state-of-the-art text analytics solutions for information professionals. Their KMX software platform is in use by major corporate clients – primarily those in the life sciences or intellectual property markets. KMX is easy to use and provides support for individual users with collaborative support for a group of users. It can be deployed as an enterprise resource to support  patent search, R&D, market intelligence, or litigation. The KMX Patent Analytics suite was created in collaboration with users in major multinationals and supports the workflow of the professional in his or her work environment. Treparel has a reputation for delivering solutions that work. For more information, visit www.treparel.com.