Fall Newsletter 2022

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Will Samsung Have More Patented Technologies in 2022 than Big Blue?

For nearly three decades, IBM has dominated IFI’s Top 50 U.S. patent ranking. Now Samsung is poised to come out on top in U.S. innovation. To follow the real-time changing of the patent guard, click here to register or log in to the Live 1000. For a recent analysis—backed by IFI data—of the top two companies, click here.

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The IFI Interview: Lucas von Reuss, CEO and Co-Founder of Quant IP

How can banks better assess the creditworthiness of startups with technological promise? We caught up with Quant IP's CEO Lucas von Reuss to find out how the company’s patent analyses are helping banks allocate capital to younger companies worthy of investment. To find out how one company is helping financial institutions leverage patent intelligence, click here.

Applying Patent Intelligence to Financial Events

M&A activity has been on a tear during the pandemic, but will all this corporate getting together result in happy and prosperous matches? One way to know beforehand: patent due diligence. Corporate value is increasingly found in the intangibles, so M&A teams and investors should look at patent analyses before handing over the capital. Using IFI Names and Snapshots, we analyzed the paper and materials companies Schweitzer Mauduit International Inc and Neenah Inc prior to their merger this year to demonstrate what investors should be looking for before taking aim at a target company. Click here to read more.

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A Place for Every Patent, and Every Patent in its Proper Place

BlueFoot, a company that provides patent intelligence to corporate IP departments and to the U.S. Department of Defense, uses supervised machine learning to put patents within appropriate categories. Supported by accurate, up-to-date IFI data, BlueFoot combines patent, financial and market data on their platform for enhanced IP analyses. Click here to watch BlueFoot’s video on how all that data comes together and ends up in the right spot.

What's New in CLAIMS Direct?

Here’s a fun—and amazing—fact: Every week, between one and three million record updates are made in CLAIMS Direct. That’s a stunning number of data points to track. But thanks to IFI’s proprietary algorithms, all of this information conforms to our standard patent format, without any restructuring or updating on our clients’ end. Our team of patent experts also expanded our coverage this year. In 2022, IFI's ever-increasing patent collection has grown to 149 million total patents (108 million of those have full text), from over 105 countries. IFI Names coverage has also grown to include 230,000 standardized names. To learn more about our platform, click here.

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