IFI CLAIMS Newsletter: Volume 2, May 2012

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  Newsletter – Volume 2, May 2012  
Message from the CEO  |  Data Update  |  Featured Partner  |  Blogs and Webinars

Message from the CEO

It was great seeing so many IFI CLAIMS users and friends at the PIUG 2012 Annual Conference.  I was excited to talk about our CLAIMS Classic databases which are still available via Questel, STN, and Dialog.  We are committed to maintain and develop our Classic product line, and we will have much more to say about our CLAIMS III project in future blogs and newsletters. Speaking of data, Rosa Alentorn from our European office is providing the first of many data updates in this month’s newsletter. 

Mike Baycroft at PIUG 2012My presentation, “Beyond the Search Engine: Using Text Mining and Visualization to Explore and Organize Large Patent Document Sets”,  showed how you can find highly relevant documents in a large patent collections using KMX. KMX is one of the best personal e-discovery tools I have come across, and it really does make text mining easy. I will repeat this presentation in an upcoming webinar, however if you don't want to wait, call me. I would be happy to walk you through a live demo.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to see KMX, PITR and discuss the CLAIMS Direct web service.  We hope to see you all again in person next year, and virtually through our web site and webinar series.

- Mike Baycroft, CEO, IFI CLAIMS Patent Services
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Data Update from Rosa Alentorn

The IFI CLAIMS data team is continuing to develop and to maintain the high quality of the CLAIMS Classic databases, expand the coverage of IFI CLAIMS Global Patent Database and improve the update process for CLAIMS Direct cloud users.

RosaIn Q1, about 750,000 new records were added to the Global database, with 240,000 including full text description and claims. We completed old EP applications with full text description and claims back to 1978.

During Q1 we loaded more than 17 million files for more than 3 million publications to our attachment server. This server, which is easily accessible via a web service, contains clipped images, drawings, chemistry files, full page images and other non-textual files referenced in patent records. Just in the last month we added about 2.3 million PDFs for EP publications.

But the main challenge for the data production team has been to process a huge amount of unexpected data changes with about 6.2 million records updated in this quarter. The flexibility of the IFI Claims data platform allowed us to quickly adapt our data processing to the exceptional data deliveries from patent offices in preparation of upcoming classification system changes.

On behalf of the data production team I would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and support.  We look forward to the ongoing development of IFI CLAIMS data-related products based on your needs and feedback.

- Rosa Alentorn, VP Data Operations

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Featured Partner – IALE

IALE provides timely and detailed Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence reports that are widely used by governments, companies and research institutions – particularly in Spain and Latin America.

IALE LOGOIALE will be using IFI CLAIMS Global Patent Database as an information source and will also be using KMX as part of their patent analytics tool set supporting their consulting practice.

We invite you to visit IALE's web (www.ialetecnologia.com) for more information.

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We will continue to develop relevant webinars covering a variety of new topics to help you better understand our CLAIMS products and services. 

Facebook LandscapeCheck out our newest webinar on our CLAIMS Direct web service. Keep an eye out for new additions including a tour of our Patent Intelligence and Technology Report and more insights into portfolio analysis. If you have a suggestion, let us know.

All of our webinars include live demonstrations and typically last 50 minutes.

Click here to see the webinar schedule and to register
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In a recent post Larry Cady brought some new perspective to the patent wars. Check out "Facebook & Yahoo – Using KMX to Compare Patent Portfolios"

Top UniversitiesWe are already working on several new pieces that explore reassignment data and legal status. Similar to our recent ranking of the top US universities by their patent activity, we have compiled an accurate ranking of legal representatives, and we will report on their areas of expertise, the related assignees, and provide insights into their success.

Have a suggestion? Let us know.

Please check our News page for new posts and upcoming guest blog posts. 


Questions? email us at info@ificlaims.com
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