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IFI's Annual Rankings are Live!

IFI's annual patent rankings are now available! Find out which companies topped the US Top 50, the Global 250, and the S&P 100 or create your own search on IFI's interactive Live 1000 ranking. For all 2023 rankings and trend reports, click here.

IFI Rankings
Generative AI

Opening the Patent Picture on Generative AI

In the latest IFI Insights report the top companies patenting in generative AI are revealed and the leaders may surprise you. To discover the innovation trends in this burgeoning technology space, and which companies are leading in the number of GenAI innovations, click here.

Five New Countries Added to CLAIMS Direct

IFI now has 50 countries in its ever-growing data repository with the recent addition of five new countries including Italy, Türkiye, Croatia, Greece, and Norway. Every addition to IFI's data collection is carefully curated and merged into IFI's standardized patent format and automatically integrated into our clients' CLAIMS Direct instances. To learn more about IFI's platform, click here.

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AI in the Real Estate Sector

Patent trends indicate AI technologies are permeating all sectors and industries, even the real estate industry. The new IFI Technology Spotlight report uncovers how the real estate sector is 'getting smarter' through the use of AI technologies and which companies are innovating in this space. For the full report, click here.

IFI at PIUG in May

We are exhibiting at this year's Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) conference at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, Illinois from May 5-9th. To book a meeting, contact us or stop by our booth and say hello! To learn more about PIUG, click here.

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