IFI Summer Newsletter 2024

Another 5 Countries Added to IFI's Patent Data Collection

IFI has added an additional 5 countries to its patent data repository including South Africa, Ukraine, Philippines, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. These recent additions bring IFI's full text coverage to a total of 55 countries. To learn more about IFI's data coverage, click here.

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The IFI Deal: Walmart Goes Shopping For Vizio

The patent portion of Walmart's soon to be completed acquisition of Vizio reveals a treasure trove of technology that may lead Walmart in a new direction to better compete amongst other large retailers. To learn more about the tech side of this transaction, click here.

Article Spotlight: IAM Report on Phone Maker Transsion

In a recent IAM report on Transsion, also known as the "Smartphone King of Africa," their patent portfolio is explored, using IFI data, as the phone maker prepares to defend its patents in court against its competitors. Click here for the full article.

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Essay Feature: Scott Galloway on Apple Intelligence

IFI's US Top 50 ranking data on Apple was recently featured in Scott Galloway's essay on Apple Intelligence as an innovation data point. Check out the full essay here.

Build Your Own Analysis with IFI's Live 1000

Interested in building your own analysis for free using IFI's data? The Live 1000 provides you with real time data from IFI's platform, CLAIMS Direct. Check out our Live 1000 patent data ranking here.

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